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Bamboo Bow

Cased bow and arrow set by Korean fletcher, Kim Byong-wook

Thomas and Nicholas Duvernay on Korea's Arirang TV

Book on Korean Archery

World Traditional Archery Festival in Korea Pictures!

Korean Horn Bow Industry in Trouble!

Thumb Ring Tutorial Video

Horim Jung Members in Mongolia (August 2004)

Yeungnam University Cheonmajeong

All Wrapped Up In Bowmaking,

by Jaap Koppedrayer

The Grayson Collection

Korean Archery Cultural Research Association
(in Korean)

Thomas Duvernay's archery segment on Korea's KBS 1 TV. [12MB] If you have trouble seeing it, make sure your Windows Media Player is up-to-date.

  • Organizing Korean Archery in the U.S. and other countries

  • New Archery Museum Opens in Korea

  • Old Paintings of Korean Archery

  • Archery Books

  • Hunting Photos

    Members of Horim Jung and Sister Club, Hwarang Jung, in Kyongju Korea [click to go to Horim Jung's web site (in Korean) ]

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