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I just came across the Segyue from Ali Bow.
Anyone compared them to a kaya or nomad yet?


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No reply from Kaya yet...

From the descriptions I get from you and on other pages I tend to believe that Kaya might have the better overall Quality and shooting experience with a smoother draw.
But the customer service seems not that good, what makes me think that in case of a bow failure they might not be easy to deal with.
Please tell me if that's a wrong assumption.

But due to that feeling I just wanna throw in the Nomad Black Shadow. Any experience and comparison to the nomad KTB or Kaya KTB?


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That's what I expected already, to go with the longest version.
I wrote Kaya and asked about the draw length of the KTB. Curious whether they answer and what they answer.

@ragnar: Is your Nomad 52"? How long does it draw smoothly?
A 33" draw doesn't help much if it has to be forced the last two inches in my opinion.


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Can anyone tell me about the max safe draw length of a Kaya KTB/ Black Cat. I can not find much information about it.

Is there a big difference between Kaya KTB and Nomad Ktb in shooting? The nomad looks like it has more narrow limbs than the Kaya.


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I start with asiatic, so I don't have the problem to shoot it with Olympic technique but start right away with an asian school of shooting.

I would like to get a teacher, but so far I haven't found a good one nearby.


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Hi everyone,

I am new to archery and want to start with asiatic traditional archery. From what I found out so far korean laminated bows have the best price/value for entry level bows compared to all the Fiberglass bows same price levels.

So far I am training with resistance bands form and strength before I get my bow.
I noticed I prefer a draw length from 32" to 34".
I train right now with light weight and many reps (100+) with a 20# band for muscle memory and working on good form. And working my way up for strength with higher resistance, 40# right now with sets of 20 reps while keeping form.

I hope I can start with a 40# bow with this training which I will continue for a while before I get a bow.
Nevertheless I am looking for the right bow already and so far I found good offers for the Kaya Black Cat, the Nomad KTB and the Nomad black shadow. All of them between 140-155€

Wich bow would you recommend out of these or do you guys even have a better recommendation?

The Kaya has good reviews but the limbs seem wider than the nomad. Does it effect the arrow path more?
I thought the 52/53"  bows might be right for my draw length. What do you guys think?