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After months of trying to solve the problem of my arrows slapping the bow and thus flying sideways before they stabilize, I have come to the conclusion that not only the correct release but also the "follow-through" actually affects the arrow flight in more than one can assume. For the KTA (Korean Traditional Archery) I found it essential to use both the "torque technique" and the technique "pull the tiger's tail, push the high mountain" in order to have a consistent arrow flight and direction.

Roughly stated, you have to get the bow out of the arrow's path. On release, everything happens instantly, but when your technique is correct, the mechanics of the torque and follow-through have just begun to take enough effect, at that very moment, and the result is proof of its effectiveness. Not everybody needs to resort to this technique to accomplice the above-wanted outcome because there are many factors that play a role in the arrow"s flight, one of the most important ones is the archer's paradox. These archery styles use bows that are center shot and don't face the challenge of the archer's paradox as much as the traditional bows without a shelf.


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Hi all, I am new here
I wanna ask
Which is better? Wood Arrows or Carbon. Any preference?