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Hi all, I am new here
I wanna ask
Which is better? Wood Arrows or Carbon. Any preference?

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Re: newbie suggestion

Most people just go for carbon because its usually cheaper to buy a half dozen or full dozen at the store rather than try and track down an actual wood arrow maker whose arrows by the half or full dozen will usually cost more.  Carbon arrows are also speedier than wood.  However a wood arrow, if made of say cedar or spruce, can be reusable when it breaks but that's dependent upon how and where the break is.  That from my years of archery experience is the only real advantage wood has over carbon.  When a carbon breaks, it almost always fractures in a way that is unusable again. 

When considering bamboo arrows, they usually fracture in a way where they are unusable again, however the Japanese will apparently repair a broken bamboo arrow for you almost no matter how it fractures.  So long as its of course actually one of their bamboo arrows, just to be clear.  I have never gone through this process myself.  As far as I know, Korean bamboo arrow makers do not offer this service for their arrows.  I have glued back some of my Korean bamboo arrows that I thought had salvageable fractures.  It went OK but I don't really shoot the re-glued ones and would not recommend doing it yourself or even shooting them.

Final point: wooden arrows usually lead you into crafting.  Particularly if you want to make them yourself rather than have a wooden arrow maker do them for you.  This is fine, but it will take away time from you shooting and perfecting your technique and form.  Which is really what you should be focusing on as a beginner.

Overall, carbon is best for all, particularly if you are a noob.  They generally have more longevity as well compared to their wood counterparts.

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