Topic: First korean bow - draw weight

Hello all,

First of all I hope that everyone will get as much shooting hours this year that he/she would love to shoot.

I wanted to buy me a korean bow for the first time.

When I heard about thumb release a few years back I immediatly ordered me a 30# @ 28" bow to start. Now I've been shooting with my former 40# @ 28" and I would love to upgrade.

Now I want my first korean bow however I'm unsure what draw weight I should pick.
My drawlength is about 30"
Koreanbows are measured at 31"

So should I buy a 45# or a 50#?
Is it true that at 45# @31" = 42.5# @ 30"? If so, then I think a 50# bow would be better or am I wrong here?

Can anyone please verify? I would hate it to buy a 45# only to find out that it's kinda the same draw weight as my current situation.

I'll await you response big_smile

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Re: First korean bow - draw weight

If you draw a bow shorter than the length its rated at then, yes, the draw weight you are holding at full draw will be less than the rated amount.  Naturally, the draw weight increases if you pull past the rated length.

The only sure way to know what your bow's draw weight is at any given length is to use a draw-scale.  You can use a formula to try and figure it out but your numbers probably won't be nearly as accurate compared to using an actual draw-scale.

As for your logic, it's correct.  If you are trying to get a little more weight out of your draw length by picking up say a 50# bow rated at say 31", then drawing it at about 30' will probably put you in the ball park of 45# but its really difficult to say precisely without being able to take it to a draw scale.

Good luck with whatever you decide to do.

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