Topic: Korean torque technique: revisited (yet again)

Just wanted to pass on some interesting things about this technique that I was able to gather elsewhere:

Korean torque technique: involves 'pre-loading' the grasping hand counter-clockwise (clockwise if holding the bow in the right hand) in order to make the wrist torque to the left or right depending on bow hand dexterity. This ensures a clean pass of the arrow over the bow without it touching the riser area at all. Improves accuracy and overall flight of the arrow. Used in the context of Korean traditional archery and probably elsewhere although I have yet to come across it referenced outside of KTA. It was alluded to elsewhere that torque technique can be found in old Middle Eastern archery texts although I am not completely sure which ones. In Korean, there are a few terms to refer to it as:

흩혀쥐기 or 'heu-tyuh-jwi-gi': has many meanings such as to 'scatter' or 'misalignment of grip'
쥐어 짜기 or 'jwi-uh-jja-gi': meaning 'squeezing' or 'twisting'
고자채기 or 'go-jah-chae-gi': meaning 'kicking the siyah'
활대 엎기 or 'hwal-dae-up-gi': meaning to 'laying down the bow'

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