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sadly no korean bow maker has made one, but a couple indonesian bowyers have made takedown korean style bows. i bought one from aj archery a few months ago. it has a very different feel to it being a fiberglass bending construction, and its heavier.


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having trouble finding reviews of this bow. trying to figure out if it would be worth buying. daehun ktb specifically. anybody have any experience with this brand?


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I havent read all the replies, but i know the 53" monarq has a max draw of 34" seemingly up to atleast 50#. The draw weight is measured at 31". Having a max draw of 34" would equate to a nice smooth draw at your favored 32". With presumably no stacking at 32". Just my 2 scents.


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hard to tell, the pictures are not taken at the exact same angle, but there appears to be some differences in the angle coming from the handle as well as how thick it starts from the handle. the siyahs seem to be more agressive on the bow on the right, but could just be the angle of the pictures


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Hhhmmm...might stop by home depot after work. For less than 5bucks itd be worth a shot. Thanks

Was lookin at getting a new one because mine broke. Anyone have a favorite jig theyd lile to sing praises of? Or perhaps you prefer serving by hand?


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incredible yikes , i love when really old things are still functional. makes me want a hornbow big_smile


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so i've been thinking...all of the korean bows i've seen have been laminated bows. but does any maker offer a full polyresin korean bow? by fully polyresin i mean something like the okcubaba premium or the simsek hybrids. of course there a few issues i can foresee with making a ktb in all resin. one being the weight, although i know the simsek bows are lighter than the okcubaba.

my 2 biggest reasons for wanting a ktb in full polyresin is:

a.) weather resistance. don't have to worry about moisture/rain/humidity

b.) longevity. reading about people's bow failures on here is disheartening, especially the kaya's since i own one. i understand nothing lasts forever(relatively), but with a polyresin bow there's no worry of delamination. i'm sure there are other points of failure for a polyresin bow, but im assuming if used with care and not left out in UV rays, it should outlast me.

also if taken care of, can a hornbow last a lifetime? just some things i've been pondering as of late.


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hey, im from florida. kinda newish to archery. bought an ebay manchu bow that was way too heavy for me 70lbs @28". then i got a survival longbow  the primal gear unlimited 50lbs @28". practiced for a bit in my garage, but i put one too many holes in the drywall so i stopped. that was about 10+ years ago. fast forward to about april, had been watching a bunch of armin's videos and i wanted to get the segye from alibow. i order it but it took them forever to even send it. turns out they didnt have some parts and were waiting for them to come blah blah. im not a patient man when it comes to ordering stuff online usually...so i ordered 3 more bows. kaya ktb 50#, alibow turkish fiberglass(off amazon) 25#, and the okcubaba premium in 45#.

if i could go back and make my purchases different i probably would knowing what i know now. but im still enjoying my journey into archery. joined the forum as my interest is mainly in traditional korean archery and its hard to find info on it, seemingly