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Dingo, you can bowhunt here in Finland, just not for big game like bear or moose, but anything smaller than deer.
Archery is quite popular, older people like to hunt with gun.
Look this: http://www.jousimetsastys.fi/wp/english/

You can hunt after textual exam once and permission from land owner.
In Estonia you need to do some course and you must pass shooting test, i think you must do this every year
Alot of Fins visit in Africa to shoot big game.


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Just get my new Hwarang 70#@31".

Compared to 60#@28" turkish bow, Hwarang is lighter and faster, draw weight feels even lighter and no handshock at all.
Brace height is smaller than turkish, so you must concentrate on release.
But i hit better with Hwarang, so no problem.
Some bad video on youtube soon. I have horrible arrows atm, can´t really focus on shooting with these, but new ones is coming soon.


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New 62#@28" turkish short biocomposite by Grózer arrived today. About time, i made order 12.12.13 for stock bow... roll
I made order from Thomas 24.12.13 and that bow is already on customs, i think few days and i get it.

Just try few shots, fast bow, still slow compared to Hwarang. Some handshock.
This bow is for turkish style training, let see how Hwarang works, i will hunt with these bows and thumbring.

Some pics:





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No, i don't change my mind, bow will be Finland after christmas.

Thanks raven, i will. smile


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Ok, you can keep it sold now. I send mail. big_smile


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If i would know this from week ago, i would be buying it, now my money is gone and i´m waiting for turkish bow. yikes
Must think this, if i get some money somewhere... wink  70# korean bow must be a rocket launcher. big_smile

I´ll be back in bisnes for few days, then i know more.


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Have been using only compound for months, but now i just make order for Grózer biocomposite laminated short turkish bow. lol

"Only" 63#@28", but will be enough for me now.

Will be my only training bow, will use only thumbring and get rid of my shooting gloves... tongue

Don´t know if i get the bow before christmas, but i think it is worth of waiting.

And, again, video and pics as soon as bow arrive.


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Well, now i´m a proud owner of a 55#@28" YMG Hwarang bow! big_smile

Very nice looking bow, grip is like made for me, light as a feather.
A piece of art.

Just shoot few arrows, and first thing i noticed, was that arrows go straight, vs Kaya KTB, where i used to hit right.
Hwarang is more narrow, maybe that is the reason.

More info when i get time to shoot more.

Edit: Almost forget: i did not sell my compound bow yet, let see if i have time to shoot it anymore... tongue


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I have shoot with compound bow (70# Bear Attack) for year soon, but now i sell training wheels and make order for YMG from Bluelake! big_smile

Compound with release aid and sight is easy to shoot and hit, but it is boring.

I think 50#@28" will be enought, as my KTB was 55#@30" and easy to handle.


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bluelake wrote:

For most people, they will draw back only about 31" (unless someone has long arms).

Thanks for this. I was thinking i have very short hands, i can draw max 30".
Well, it is long for me, with lb or compound dl is only 26".


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Thanks, WarBow.

Nice bow, maybe draw lenght is bit too short, 30" with thumbring, but turkish style is short draw, so no problem.

Very fast and quiet bow, won't beat korean but still fast.
No handshock, stack after 29".

I'm thinking to buy some longer bow, hungarian or manchu, so i can draw longer.

Also that longer version of Hwarang is on my list... smile


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WarBow, thanks, yes i have seen, but must watch again. smile


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Where i can find amgakji that is made of steel?
I know Grózer sell some bronze, but that is not so good ring, i have tested one.

I have now destroy 3 rings, two made of plastic and one horn.  sad

Plastics i buy from ebay, i remember seller says they are made in Korea.
Horn was self finished from ebay.

Is my 70# turkish bow too heavy, i draw 29-30", so it is ~73# or something like that.

Edit: Just find some company, who sell billiard balls very cheap, 10 €.
So i must start making my rings.


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Just get my short turkish bow.

Some pics, sorry for quality, i used my phone...

Arrows are full lenght, 32".




Video as soon as possible, it is -15 celsius right now, but must go for shoot. big_smile


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Well, i did'nt remember to update: I did'nt get the bow, there was not any on stock.

But now i made new order, Grozer biocomposite short turkish 70#@28". Just get email from Grozer, bow will be sent soon.

It will be my thumbring shooter, other bows for now is 67# longbow from Falco and 70# Bear Attack, which is with training wheels..  tongue

I had Grozer TRH laminated turkish, but short model is more like traditional turkish, whitout string bridges. And should be faster i think.

No Korean bow for now, but Hwarang will be some day in my wall too.

Edit: And video and link as soon as i get the bow!


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sissara, thanks.

Must get some wooden or aluminium arrows, my carbons won´t stay one piece with KTB, it is so fast bow...  tongue

Seriously, i have cut few carbons, when they hit on target, which is sack filled with sheep wool, so it is soft surface.


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About month ago i sell my Kaya KTB and buy longbow... Big mistake. tongue

Well, longbow is easy to use, but can´t use thumbring, it is called LONGbow for reason, and i miss all the time my target.

But today i trade my longbow and get back my own KTB.  smile

What a bow, short, amazing fast and i hit every single arrow just where i want.

Won´t let this bow from my hands anymore.

I must have some brainstorm when i sell this wonderfull bow.. tongue


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Gabriel wrote:

Thanks  Sissara and Warbeast, i don´t understand why it doesn´t affect the mongolian release shooter and affects the others, the string pulled is the same anyway.

Pull is same way, release is different, thumb release string leave like when you use release aid in compound bows.


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WarBow video is first thing as i get bow in my hands.  big_smile


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Well, i just made order for Grozer Hungarian bow, extra I, special decorations.

I like strong bows, so...
...90#@28" and i will shoot it...  big_smile

Nice to compare it to my other Hungarian, Kassai Bear 80#@30"...

Just a fiberglass bows, but fast and smooth enough.


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Well, some progress from my shooting...
Not close to perfect, but let´s keep practising.. smile

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z5wnugeD … e=youtu.be

I have shoot several different bows for very cold temps, no problems so far.

Grozer TRH laminated turkish bow should draw few times slow, before shooting, says seller to me.

So i guess carbon/bamboo/fiberglass-bows should not break, selfbows (all wood) can break.

bluelake wrote:
WillScarlet wrote:

Those are some serious negative tempratures, believe I'd stay someplace warm!  sad

...except that -25C would be -13F.  -77F would be -60C  Still cold, though...

Well, that must be right, don´t really know how Fahrenheits go...

Ok, -25C is -13F, +25C is +77F am i right? smile

How do you shoot with very cold weather?

Especially thumbring?

Just have some shooting with my longbow and KTB, maybe 5 minutes at a time, it is -25C/-13F right now...  yikes

Longbow i use shooting glove and half glove, still can´t shoot than few minutes.

KTB i have glove which have no thumb so thumbring fits. Did not feel my thumb for a while. big_smile 
Should i make one thumbring with bigger hole, so glove would fit under it?

Or must make glove with very thick thumb, how about glue some horn on it?  tongue

Edit: Fixed temperatures...


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WillScarlet wrote:

I would have said, "In a hunting situation keeping the bow always vertical isn't always possible" .........BUT, with these bows being sooo short, it probably IS possible.

             X2 Kanuck               smile

Well that is not problem, if i need to cant bow i bent myself.
Same with longbow or modern recurve.

I guess, my shooting style is more like turkish, many of turkish archery youtube videos bow is vertical and draw shorter than korean.

Many korean style shooters seems to cant and draw is very long...

Some reason i sometimes cant the bow and then think to oneself why arrows hit like from shotgun...  tongue  Until i remember to put bow vertical again.

Hope you get  it, english is not my native language...